Corporate Wellness

Show Your Employees Their
Health + Wellness Matters!

Add to your already existant employee wellness program
Create the perfect custom employee wellness program with Aloha Float and Wellness services!


For The Employee

Reduce Stress Fatigue + Insomnia

Alleviate Pain + Tension

Improve Circulation

Strengthen The Immune System

Enhance Overall Physical, Mental + Spiritual Well-Being

Assist In Managing Acute + Chronic Health Conditions

For The Business

Improve Performance

Increase Productivity

Reduce Absenteeism + Sick Days

Enhance Recruitment

Increase Morale + Loyalty

Foster a Balanced Happy Workplace

Many studies have indicated the above benefits and are available at


Float Therapy

Three Room Options: one open pool and two cabins

Each float tank is located within a private room with an open shower

Each has the ability for soothing audio and lights or full sensory deprivation (there is also a mute button if you change your mind during your session!)

Each room also has their own intercom to communicate with staff if needed

Float independently or with a family member or friend!

HaloIR Sauna with Red Light Tower


Infrared Sauna Therapy 

Red Light Therapy

Medical Grade Chromotherapy


Guided Meditation

Other options available (at our site or yours!)
Lunch + Learn Luau's
Wellness Screenings (with a Nurse Practitioner)
Retreats + More!

Package Options

Examples Include But Are Not Limited Too:

Purchase a bulk number of services of your choosing at a discounted price. 

Obtain your private code and distribute however you choose (employees, beneficiaries, clients, etc.)

You will then be notified when nearing 100% utilization for renewal if desired.

BONUS: if you puchase a package now with our once in a lifetime Pre-Launch special pricing you can renew at that special pricing indefinitely as long as renewals are consistent!



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Now offering wellness consultations from trained healthcare providers and certified holistic practitioners to help you achieve your highest level of health. We’ll review recommendations suited to your lifestyle in a confidential and professional setting.